Real stories from real parents

In districts across the country, parents—who have the clearest perspective of their children’s needs—are partnering with educators and parent advocacy organizations to create an education system that centers families’ perspectives to ensure that every child has access to the supports, tools, and resources they need to thrive. Yet, much of the conversation around parent involvement has been driven by special interest groups outside of the education system, aiming to politicize education. As we work towards educational equity and excellence for all students, it is vital that we depoliticize education to find our common values and amplify the expertise of parents who have been historically underrepresented.

The videos below capture the stories of real parents highlighting what is possible when parents are powering solutions in education.

Today, much of the conversation around parent involvement in their children’s education is driven by special interest groups aiming to politicize the education system through misguided attacks and vitriol directed at schools and district leaders by a small group of individuals.

"Parents are the paradigm shift that we’ve been looking for since day one."

Daniel Anello, CEO, Kids First Chicago

You don’t have to do it alone. We’re more powerful together.

- Melanie Lopez

Melanie’s Story

When it comes to education, parents hold so much power. Hear how Melanie is harnessing parent power to help not just her kid but all students.

My son has benefited from an environment where mental health is a priority.

-Samantha Isales

Samantha’s Story

We cannot separate academic learning from wellbeing. Hear how Samantha has partnered with other parents in her community to ensure our students receive an education that centers their wellbeing through a holistic and cultural lens.

Technology gives us the opportunity to keep in tune and in touch.

- DaSean Jones

DaSean’s Story

Technology can help parents, teachers and students build stronger relationships. But we need to make sure everyone has the right access and support. Parents can work with schools to create supportive virtual spaces.

Get Involved

Connect with other parents, get access to resources, and make your voice heard. These are just some of the parent groups across the nation working to make schools parent powered.


Founded in April 2016 with an all-parent governing board, PAVE is dedicated to creating an environment where the vision for education in DC is created with children and families, not for them.

Kids First Chicago

Kids First Chicago’s mission is to dramatically improve education for Chicago’s children by ensuring their families are respected authorities and decision-makers in their children’s education.

National Parents Union

The National Parents Union (NPU) is a network of highly effective parent organizations and grassroots activists across the country that is united behind a set of common goals and principles to channel the power of parents.